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Perl HarborClarence and Cheryl Myhre
    A little information about us. We have lived in southwest Idaho for most of our lives. Cheryl was born in Oakland, California and Clarence in Sheridan, Wyoming. We have been married to each other since 1981.
  Cheryl is retired from the telephone company after 30 years. She enjoys her bible study group, decorative painting and a number of other things to keep herself busy.
  Clarence finally retired from railroading after 30 years and is casting about for things to keep him occupied, one being this web-site.  He also likes to take pictures every chance he gets (see photos).  If he can't spend time with his grandson it is off on the motorcycle for a joy ride or a photo shoot somewhere in our part of the world.  (See Clarence's 2012 Summer Adventure.)   We enjoy traveling some and have visited most of the western states of the U.S. The above picture was taken in 2003 when we had the chance to visit Hawaii when our nephew was stationed at Pearl Harbor. We both like to read, spend time with family and do outdoor stuff.  

We hope you enjoy this web-site.  We try to keep it as simple and user friendly as possible.
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