Max came for Christmas 2006

Bike ridingYes, Max came to visit over Christmas and Garrett got to come almost two days early to spend time with his cousin Max.  
Some of the things we did, besides playing as three and five year olds like to do, was a bicycle ride at West Park (Nampa ID.) that was very challenging and cold.  The temperature was below the freezing mark and Max got to cold causing us to abort the ride at the halfway mark. They both had heavy coats and we had some stocking caps to go under the helmets but the foot wear was the weak link and the feet got pretty cold.  Both boys had already had a busy day so by the time they got home they were ready for a nap with Grandpa in grandma's rocking chair.  The nicest part of the whole day.   Return


Then on Thursday it was swimming at the Nampa  Recreation Center after Garrett's swim lesson.  We were running late and found we didn't have a child seat for Max so Grandma Cheryl brought him over while Garrett was in his swim lesson.  With all the play time activities and no nap Max fell asleep on the way and was kind of cranky for a while after he got to the rec. center.  After watching for a few minutes he decided that Maxie wanted to swim.  Once he got in the water things began to get a little more pleasant.  After about forty five minutes in the warm water pools the two boys were ready to go home.  Both slept well that night.    Return

The Night we went to see Santa Clause
Santa Clause Picture
Of course there is always the trip to the mall for a picture with Santa Clause.  Now Santa is a nice old guy with a fury white beard and he likes to chuckle a lot and do a lot of "HO HO HOs".  He is okay to talk to but Max didn't think it was such a good idea to sit on his lap.  After all what do we really know about this guy?  A picture is okay but only if mom comes along to.  Why does Garrett have that cheesey grin on his face anyway? Does he always do that when he is getting his picture taken? "YES"  
As it turned out a visit with Santa Clause was not so bad after all and we needed something to do for entertainment while we wait for Christmas.  Return

Then comes Santa
Of course the most important event for Max and Garrett was the arrival of Santa Clause.  By special request Santa came to our house a couple days early because Garrett had to go to his mothers house for Christmas this year.  Christmas stockingSo early on Saturday morning Santa was as good as his word and delivered lots of  stuff under our tree for the good little boys at our  house.  Return

First came the Christmas stocking that Grandma Cheryl always insists on.

Opening 1

Then there was the impatient wait while everyone gathered around after the usual delays, looking for the cameras and checking the food cooking for Christmas dinner. It is the opening of packages that is the most fun at  Christmas, birthdays, and other events involving gift giving.  When all these little boys presents had been opened they both readily made themselves available to help grandpa and grandma open their presents and they did it for free.  Of course mothers and fathers are the ones who are most excited about what is inside the packages and the hoped for reactions.  Return

Mom and Dads

With cameras at the ready they watch with great anticipation the opening of gifts in hopes of catching that precious memory snap shot .

Opening 2

Christmas preparations always seem to take most of the month of December if not longer, the unwrapping of gifts, always the climax, is always so short.  I remember as a preteen feeling the desire stretch out the time spent opening gifts as if to savor the moment just a little bit longer.  I still do that, but three and five year olds don't understand that desire to prolong the event.  Return

Opening 3

And then there is the problem of what to play with first and who gets to choose.  Of course, soon, there must be a break in the fun stuff to do mundane stuff like get out of the pajamas and get dressed for the day.  We are pretty informal at our house but the time inevitably must come sooner or later.   Return

Opening 4

When the day is done there is a scattering of wrapping paper and spare parts of toys left in the wake as everyone goes on to other activities.  It was a great time to be a grandpa.   Return

The day after we celebrated Christmas at our house was the real Christmas Eve.  
Maxie along with his mom and dad went to a Christmas Eve service at our church with us.  Max really liked the church fountain in the Atrium and we got some pretty nice pictures in front of it.
Yement and Patrick
Grandma and Grandpa
He even made Grandma and Grandpa look good.  
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