Clarence's 2012 Summer adventure.

The BMW (Bavarian Mountain West) motorcycle club of Idaho sponsored a "44 Idaho Counties Tour" in 2012.  The tour time was from April 1, 2012 to April 1, 2013.  The tour involved riding to each of Idaho's 44 counties, finding an objective and getting a picture of you and/or your motorcycle in front of the objective.  Each entrant received a tour guide and decal to start on their adventure.  This was not to be a group tour but an individual quest for entrants and friends.
My friend Alan Messick came up with the idea and I did the research to find the objectives and produce the tour guide during the winter months of February and March 2012.  We presented the tour plan to the club at our April meeting and it was accepted with unexpected enthusiasm by about 15 members at the meeting.  We charged $25 to cover the cost of producing the tour guide, decal, tour patch and t-shirt. There were 24 people who entered the tour, three were not club members, and we will award certificates, patches and t-shirts to finishers at our membership meeting April 2013.
44 counties collage
Alan and I started our tour the first of April going to near by counties then in May we set out to visit all the counties of south eastern Idaho, an eleven hundred mile trip. We made a little back tracking trip to central Idaho to the objectives in Custer (Stanley Id. and Lemhi (Salmon Id.) counties a week or so later, that was a six hundred mile round trip.  The BMW club had a campout weekend scheduled at the Three Rivers Resort at a place called Lowel Id. about twenty miles east of Kooskia, Id. on the famous U.S. highway 12.  Alan and I left for the campout three days early in order to visit the last ten counties and get our pictures at the needed objectives finishing up at the Three Rivers campout.  All together Alan and I rode nearly four thousand enjoyable miles visiting parts of Idaho I have never seen before and probably would never visited if it had not been for our clubs tour.
My friend Hank Bierman, a fellow railroader who I worked with for over twenty years, decided he wanted to do the tour. Hank had other commitments when Alan and I were traveling around the state and couldn't go with us.  Now it was July and Hank had the time but wanted me to go with him.  With an offer by him to pay for the motels how could I refuse.  So off I went again with Hank.  We made a sweep though southern Idaho, about twelve hundred miles then a thirteen hundred mile ride though the northern Idaho counties doing 15 counties in three days.  It was the most riding I have done since starting to ride again four years ago and the most enjoyable travel in a long time.

I specially enjoyed riding the Spiral Highway (old highway 95 up Lewiston grade), the country highway P1 from State Highway 3 over the mountain to Orofino, ID highway 3 from the Clearwater River to St. Maries then ID 6 on to I-90 and Highway 36 from Malad to Montpelier. These are all very curvy and/or scenic routes.

The 44 Idaho Counties Tour guide will be available from the Bavarian Mountain West motorcycle club for 2013 with a few changes and will only be a guide with no deadlines, awards, or rewards other than the enjoyment you receive riding around our beautiful state. Expect the guide to cost around $5.
Created: 12/22/2012